Custom Handheld Spray Tan

Custom Handheld Spray Tans using Norvell

Professionally trained and certified staff are available to help you achieve the Sunless results you prefer. Experience that “Just of the Beach” color every time with Norvell sunless products. The personalized experience of having an airbrush tan leaves the risks of using a booth out of the picture, resulting in flawless results every time.

A custom handheld spray tan gives you the peace of mind that your spray tan will look amazing each and every time.

Norvell Specialist and  Master Certified Technician Kelly Robbins ensures Sunsations Spray Tanning Technicians have the latest knowledge and technology available to provide our customers with the best spray tanning experience in Topeka. All staff are certified through Norvell University,  Jordan Kelly and Lara Shufflebarger have obtained Masters Certifications.

What you need to know prior to your appointment:

As a person will be spraying the solution on your skin you may be worried about what to wear. We recommend whatever you are comfortable in but do ask you to wear at least a bottom or thong. Spray Tans take only a few minutes, however the process of the solution can take up to 24 hours to fully develop. Sweating or showering prior to reaching the 24 hour mark can result in diminished results. Plan to take it easy after your spray tanning session, If you have to go back to work or need to be able to workout in less time you may be interested in a Clear Solution or ONE hour Solution.

Color Options:



Legend: The latest Sunless Innovation combining luxury skin care with the most natural color available. Norvell Legend not only provides a beautiful bronze, but will Protect against aging, Detox and flush toxins, Tighten, Moisturize and Remedy with Certified Organic Aloe.

Clear: Goes on just as it sounds clear, although make-up will diminish your results you can have it applied directly over so you can go back to your day without having the immediate darkening that solutions with cosmetic bronzers in them provide. Your color will develop over the next 8 hours reaching its darkest after 24.

Rapid: This solution processes in as little as one hour (as long as 3 hours) and can be rinsed off with warm water only and continues darkening over the next 24 hours. This convenience allows you to apply makeup after your rinse and continue without any inhibitions your spray tan has been locked in. Your Certified Technician will assist you in knowing how long you should wait to rinse for the best results for your skin type.

Venetian: A very popular color giving a more olive skin toned tan as if you have been on the Mediterranean Beach!

Original, Dark, Double Dark: These tried and true color options give a very natural “Just off the Beach” Tan. Original is for the lightest of skin tones, Dark is the most commonly used color and Double Dark is for experienced tanners that generally have a base tan and want even darker results.

Before Your Spray Tan:

24-48 hours prior to spray tanning you should exfoliate your skin.

Day of your spray you should not create sunless barriers (lotion or oils) or disrupt the PH of your skin with perfumes. Avoid applying anything to your skin, you can remove make-up immediately prior to your session.

Wear loose fitting or baggy clothing to avoid tan lines that can be created by rubbing from a bra or waistband.