Sunless Tanning Options

Sunsations Tanning Salon offers the best of both spray tanning options.



A certified handheld spray tan artist can walk you through the process eliminating any fear of errors or mistakes that could jeopardize your spray tan results.

Pura with model 2

The Pura Sunless booth features the latest technology in Sunless Tanning. In this brand new booth the customer will have more options than older more limited booths with the ability to have a skin priming prep spray, the option of a clear or bronze session and a moisturizing post session spray that eliminates the dry itchy feeling that is prevalent when not used. The Pura also features heated dry passes after each spray to ensure the customer is comfortable and dry after their session.

To prepare your skin for a sunless session whether in a booth or with an artist there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Shower, exfoliate and shave 24-48 hours prior to you session. If needed we offer Sluff pads to help you exfoliate when you visit us.
  • Do NOT apply any lotions/oils, perfumes, cologne, make-up to your skin. Do NOT use hair spray nor spray deodorant. We have primer products available that will not block the spray tan from absorbing, but over the counter products are sure to block or inhibit the spray tan.
  • Wear dark and loose clothing to go home in. Some of the solution may rub off on your clothing. However, the solution will wash-out of most fabrics. Do NOT wear silk, satin, lycra, spandex, nylon, wool nor leather.
  • Flip Flops are ideal for your feet, disposable footwear and underwear is available for $1.50 each. NOTE: Please bring an umbrella if it looks like rain.