Why I choose spray tanning!

As someone who is naturally blonde and fair skinned I have found that spray tanning is not only the perfect option for me but my personal favorite. So, the advice I’m about to hand out is coming from a girl who has tried just about everything sunless tanning has to offer. There are two main worries everyone has when considering a spray tan: turning orange and having a Ross from Friends moment, I’ve experience both so I firsthand know the concern is real!

As someone who has worked at a tanning salon for eight years, I’ll let you in on a little industry secret, every year the sunless industry grows more and more. Our customers started out getting sprayed for special events and now half of our sunless customers are regulars who come about once a week, both in the booth and handheld. So, what does this mean? Lucky for us consumers it means more attention is being paid to sunless, resulting in both products and solutions continuously getting better and better! You know that orange spray tan I just told you about? That was 12 years ago!

Sunsations uses Norvell solution for all of our spray tans, now to you that may not mean much but to us it means that we only carry the best of the best – trust us we’ve tried the others! Norvell technicians have sprayed countless celebrities on movie sets and red carpets and they also give the cast of Dancing with the Stars their spray tans! So, don’t just take it from us, if celebrities can trust Norvell, so can you!

The biggest decision you will make when it comes to spray tanning is which color will look best on your skin. I say this as someone who has tried every single Norvell color Sunsations has to offer, and trust me there are several! When it comes to handheld spray tans there are two colors I ALWAYS count on: Venetian and Legend. Deciding between the two shades normally comes down to why I am spraying. If it’s summertime or I’m going to a special event I will go with Venetian as it tends to be a little darker on my skin type. If I want an everyday color, I go with Legend because honestly, it is the most natural looking spray color I’ve seen. Just the other day I had a customer walk out of the room after getting sprayed with Legend and a UV customer told her how impressed she was with how natural looking the color was! There’s a reason why my choice comes down to why I’m getting sprayed and it’s because often times why we are getting sprayed determines how dark we want to get. If I have a fair-skinned customer who wants to get really dark I will explain to them how important it is to go with Venetian or Legend given how natural the undertones of these solutions are. The biggest reason people turn orange is because they don’t choose an appropriate color for their skin tone. Tell us why you are spraying and how dark you want to get and we can prevent this from happening, it really is that easy!

One question I always get asked is “Which spray is better the booth or handheld?” Now more often than not I personally go with handheld sprays just because the two colors I like most don’t come in the machine. However, as a lifelong procrastinator I sometimes wait until the last minute to get a spray and in those cases I go with the booth so I can get the clear solution. Now, when I say I wait until the last minute to spray it normally means I have other stuff going on and don’t have enough time to go straight home and wait for my tan to set in. The clear is the perfect option in this scenario because I don’t have to worry about the cosmetic bronzers rubbing off on anything while I’m out and about doing other things and after the proper 12-24 hours I have my desired color!

When it comes to picking the booth there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is how you stand determines how well your spray is going to turn out. The good news? Sunsations has the easiest spray booth that requires you to stand in only two simple positions, (we’ve all been in booths that seem like you need to be a yoga instructor in order to get in the proper positions, this is where my Ross moment comes into play!)

Now for the products, since this is a blog and personal sharing is best, I will admit I have never been a product junkie, in fact I’m normally the one who rolls their eyes at sales people when they say this product does this, this and this. But after several years of trying just about every sunless product out there, I can tell you it’s no coincidence that I get my best results when I use before and after products. There’s two products I swear by, the first being the Norvell PH balancing cleanser. Why this product? Because bar soap is great but when it comes to spray tans they are the devil! This is the only product I feel comfortable telling customers won’t ruin a spray. Use this as your body wash the day before your spray when you exfoliate and you will notice a difference! The second is a new product called Tan-Lucent, this is a powder that gets put on certain areas after a spray. Whether I do the booth or handheld, behind my knees and the inside crease of my arms are two spots that fade funny on me, no matter what color I go with, but this product fixes that!

If there’s anything I want you to take away from all this, it’s that any spray tan issue or concern can be prevented or fixed! I’ve been spraying people and getting sprayed for about 5 years, so trust me when I say there’s nothing I haven’t seen and no question I haven’t been asked! Spray tanning is the easiest way to get instant color, don’t let your concerns or other people’s horror stories stop you from trying it!