Eye Love 2 Tan : The REAL Importance of Eyewear in UV Tanning Beds

COOL FACT: Our eyes are responsible for 80% of all information we receive, on a daily basis.

Tanning salons are required, by the Federal Government, to provide eyewear that blocks 99.9% of UV-B rays and 99% of UV-A rays. Too much exposure to UV-B rays, the ones that cause sunburns, damages the cornea (the eye’s outermost lens, which controls how light enters the eye). UV-A rays exposure damages the retina (the inner coat of the eye, light-sensitive, as well as helps us see the images around our lives). Failure to wear eye protection in the presence of UV rays has resulted in cases of redness, swelling, soreness, dryness, loss of color perception, and in severe cases, retinal burns causing irreversible cataracts*. Simply closing your eyes or putting a towel over your face can only block up to 25% of UV rays*. Doesn’t sound very safe, right? All in all, salon staff is not trying to push you to buy product for OUR own benefit or loan you eyewear just because we are told to do so. We realize the importance of PROTECTING YOUR PRECIOUS EYES, and we just want you to recognize it too.



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